Facebook is an online social networking service that allows its users to connect with friends and family as well as make new connections. It provides its users with the ability to create a profile, update information, add images, send friend requests, and accept requests from other users. Its features include status update, photo tagging and sharing, and more.


API Paths

Delete Achievement (DELETE) /{achievement-id} OpenAPI
Get Achievement (GET) /{achievement-id} OpenAPI
Create Achievement (POST) /{achievement-id} OpenAPI
Get Achievement Type (GET) /{achievement-type-id} OpenAPI
Create Achievement Type (POST) /{achievement-type-id} OpenAPI
Update Achievement Type (PUT) /{achievement-type-id} OpenAPI
Delete Album (DELETE) /{album-id} OpenAPI
Get Album (GET) /{album-id} OpenAPI
Delete Photos (DELETE) /{album-id}/photos OpenAPI
Get Photos (GET) /{album-id}/photos OpenAPI
Create Photos (POST) /{album-id}/photos OpenAPI
Delete Picture (DELETE) /{album-id}/picture OpenAPI
Get Picture (GET) /{album-id}/picture OpenAPI
Create Picture (POST) /{album-id}/picture OpenAPI
Update Picture (PUT) /{album-id}/picture OpenAPI
Create Album (POST) /{album-id} OpenAPI
Update Album (PUT) /{album-id} OpenAPI
Delete App Link Host (DELETE) /{app-link-host-id} OpenAPI
Get App Link Host (GET) /{app-link-host-id} OpenAPI
Update App Link Host (PUT) /{app-link-host-id} OpenAPI
Delete App Request (DELETE) /{app-request-id} OpenAPI
Get App Request (GET) /{app-request-id} OpenAPI
Update App Request (PUT) /{app-request-id} OpenAPI
Delete Application Context (DELETE) /{application-context-id} OpenAPI
Get Application Context (GET) /{application-context-id} OpenAPI
Update Application Context (PUT) /{application-context-id} OpenAPI
Delete Application (DELETE) /{application-id} OpenAPI
Get Application (GET) /{application-id} OpenAPI
Update Application (PUT) /{application-id} OpenAPI
Delete Audience Insights Rule (DELETE) /{audience-insights-rule-id} OpenAPI
Get Audience Insights Rule (GET) /{audience-insights-rule-id} OpenAPI
Update Audience Insights Rule (PUT) /{audience-insights-rule-id} OpenAPI
Delete Canvas Button (DELETE) /{canvas-button-id} OpenAPI
Get Canvas Button (GET) /{canvas-button-id} OpenAPI
Update Canvas Button (PUT) /{canvas-button-id} OpenAPI
Delete Canvas Carousel (DELETE) /{canvas-carousel-id} OpenAPI
Get Canvas Carousel (GET) /{canvas-carousel-id} OpenAPI
Update Canvas Carousel (PUT) /{canvas-carousel-id} OpenAPI
Delete Canvas Footer (DELETE) /{canvas-footer-id} OpenAPI
Get Canvas Footer (GET) /{canvas-footer-id} OpenAPI
Update Canvas Footer (PUT) /{canvas-footer-id} OpenAPI
Delete Canvas Header (DELETE) /{canvas-header-id} OpenAPI
Get Canvas Header (GET) /{canvas-header-id} OpenAPI
Update Canvas Header (PUT) /{canvas-header-id} OpenAPI
Delete Canvas Photo (DELETE) /{canvas-photo-id} OpenAPI
Get Canvas Photo (GET) /{canvas-photo-id} OpenAPI
Update Canvas Photo (PUT) /{canvas-photo-id} OpenAPI
Delete Canvas Product Set (DELETE) /{canvas-product-set-id} OpenAPI
Get Canvas Product Set (GET) /{canvas-product-set-id} OpenAPI
Update Canvas Product Set (PUT) /{canvas-product-set-id} OpenAPI
Delete Canvas Store Locator (DELETE) /{canvas-store-locator-id} OpenAPI
Get Canvas Store Locator (GET) /{canvas-store-locator-id} OpenAPI
Update Canvas Store Locator (PUT) /{canvas-store-locator-id} OpenAPI
Delete Canvas Text (DELETE) /{canvas-text-id} OpenAPI
Get Canvas Text (GET) /{canvas-text-id} OpenAPI
Update Canvas Text (PUT) /{canvas-text-id} OpenAPI
Delete Canvas Video (DELETE) /{canvas-video-id} OpenAPI
Get Canvas Video (GET) /{canvas-video-id} OpenAPI
Update Canvas Video (PUT) /{canvas-video-id} OpenAPI
Delete Comment (DELETE) /{comment-id} OpenAPI
Get Comment (GET) /{comment-id} OpenAPI
Create Comment (POST) /{comment-id} OpenAPI
Delete Private_replies (DELETE) /{comment-id}/private_replies OpenAPI
Create Private_replies (POST) /{comment-id}/private_replies OpenAPI
Update Private_replies (PUT) /{comment-id}/private_replies OpenAPI
Delete Conversation (DELETE) /{conversation-id} OpenAPI
Get Conversation (GET) /{conversation-id} OpenAPI
Delete Messages (DELETE) /{conversation-id}/messages OpenAPI
Get Messages (GET) /{conversation-id}/messages OpenAPI
Create Messages (POST) /{conversation-id}/messages OpenAPI
Update Messages (PUT) /{conversation-id}/messages OpenAPI
Create Conversation (POST) /{conversation-id} OpenAPI
Update Conversation (PUT) /{conversation-id} OpenAPI
Delete Crisis (DELETE) /{crisis-id} OpenAPI
Get Crisis (GET) /{crisis-id} OpenAPI
Update Crisis (PUT) /{crisis-id} OpenAPI
Delete Crisis Listing (DELETE) /{crisis-listing-id} OpenAPI
Get Crisis Listing (GET) /{crisis-listing-id} OpenAPI
Update Crisis Listing (PUT) /{crisis-listing-id} OpenAPI
Delete Doc (DELETE) /{doc-id} OpenAPI
Get Doc (GET) /{doc-id} OpenAPI
Update Doc (PUT) /{doc-id} OpenAPI
Get Domain (GET) /{domain-id} OpenAPI
Delete Education Experience (DELETE) /{education-experience-id} OpenAPI
Get Education Experience (GET) /{education-experience-id} OpenAPI
Update Education Experience (PUT) /{education-experience-id} OpenAPI
Delete Event (DELETE) /{event-id} OpenAPI
Get Event (GET) /{event-id} OpenAPI
Update Event (PUT) /{event-id} OpenAPI
Delete Status (DELETE) /{from.id}_{status-id} OpenAPI
Create Status (POST) /{from.id}_{status-id} OpenAPI
Delete Group Doc (DELETE) /{group-doc-id} OpenAPI
Get Group Doc (GET) /{group-doc-id} OpenAPI
Create Group Doc (POST) /{group-doc-id} OpenAPI
Update Group Doc (PUT) /{group-doc-id} OpenAPI
Delete Admins (DELETE) /{group-id}/admins OpenAPI
Create Admins (POST) /{group-id}/admins OpenAPI
Get Albums (GET) /{group-id}/albums OpenAPI
Delete Group (DELETE) /{group-id} OpenAPI
Delete Docs (DELETE) /{group-id}/docs OpenAPI
Get Docs (GET) /{group-id}/docs OpenAPI
Create Docs (POST) /{group-id}/docs OpenAPI
Update Docs (PUT) /{group-id}/docs OpenAPI
Delete Events (DELETE) /{group-id}/events OpenAPI
Get Events (GET) /{group-id}/events OpenAPI
Create Events (POST) /{group-id}/events OpenAPI
Update Events (PUT) /{group-id}/events OpenAPI
Delete Feed (DELETE) /{group-id}/feed OpenAPI
Get Feed (GET) /{group-id}/feed OpenAPI
Create Feed (POST) /{group-id}/feed OpenAPI
Update Feed (PUT) /{group-id}/feed OpenAPI
Delete Files (DELETE) /{group-id}/files OpenAPI
Get Files (GET) /{group-id}/files OpenAPI
Create Files (POST) /{group-id}/files OpenAPI
Update Files (PUT) /{group-id}/files OpenAPI
Get Group (GET) /{group-id} OpenAPI
Delete Members (DELETE) /{group-id}/members OpenAPI
Get Members (GET) /{group-id}/members OpenAPI
Create Members (POST) /{group-id}/members OpenAPI
Create Group (POST) /{group-id} OpenAPI
Videos () /{group-id}/videos OpenAPI
Get Videos (GET) /{group-id}/videos OpenAPI
Delete Instagram Carousel (DELETE) /{instagram-carousel-id} OpenAPI
Get Instagram Carousel (GET) /{instagram-carousel-id} OpenAPI
Update Instagram Carousel (PUT) /{instagram-carousel-id} OpenAPI
Delete Instagram Comment (DELETE) /{instagram-comment-id} OpenAPI
Get Instagram Comment (GET) /{instagram-comment-id} OpenAPI
Update Instagram Comment (PUT) /{instagram-comment-id} OpenAPI
Delete Instagram Media (DELETE) /{instagram-media-id} OpenAPI
Get Instagram Media (GET) /{instagram-media-id} OpenAPI
Update Instagram Media (PUT) /{instagram-media-id} OpenAPI
Delete Instagram User (DELETE) /{instagram-user-id} OpenAPI
Get Instagram User (GET) /{instagram-user-id} OpenAPI
Update Instagram User (PUT) /{instagram-user-id} OpenAPI
Delete Life Event (DELETE) /{life-event-id} OpenAPI
Get Life Event (GET) /{life-event-id} OpenAPI
Update Life Event (PUT) /{life-event-id} OpenAPI
Delete Link (DELETE) /{link-id} OpenAPI
Get Link (GET) /{link-id} OpenAPI
Create Link (POST) /{link-id} OpenAPI
Update Link (PUT) /{link-id} OpenAPI
Delete Mailing Address (DELETE) /{mailing-address-id} OpenAPI
Get Mailing Address (GET) /{mailing-address-id} OpenAPI
Update Mailing Address (PUT) /{mailing-address-id} OpenAPI
Create Albums (POST) /me/albums OpenAPI
Update Albums (PUT) /me/albums OpenAPI
Delete Media Fingerprint (DELETE) /{media-fingerprint-id} OpenAPI
Get Media Fingerprint (GET) /{media-fingerprint-id} OpenAPI
Update Media Fingerprint (PUT) /{media-fingerprint-id} OpenAPI
Delete Attachments (DELETE) /{message-id}/attachments OpenAPI
Get Attachments (GET) /{message-id}/attachments OpenAPI
Create Attachments (POST) /{message-id}/attachments OpenAPI
Update Attachments (PUT) /{message-id}/attachments OpenAPI
Get Message (GET) /{message-id} OpenAPI
Delete Shares (DELETE) /{message-id}/shares OpenAPI
Get Shares (GET) /{message-id}/shares OpenAPI
Create Shares (POST) /{message-id}/shares OpenAPI
Update Shares (PUT) /{message-id}/shares OpenAPI
Delete Milestone (DELETE) /{milestone-id} OpenAPI
Get Milestone (GET) /{milestone-id} OpenAPI
Create Milestone (POST) /{milestone-id} OpenAPI
Update Milestone (PUT) /{milestone-id} OpenAPI
Delete Notification (DELETE) /{notification-id} OpenAPI
Get Notification (GET) /{notification-id} OpenAPI
Create Notification (POST) /{notification-id} OpenAPI
Update Notification (PUT) /{notification-id} OpenAPI
Delete Comments (DELETE) /{object-id}/comments OpenAPI
Get Comments (GET) /{object-id}/comments OpenAPI
Create Comments (POST) /{object-id}/comments OpenAPI
Update Comments (PUT) /{object-id}/comments OpenAPI
Delete Likes (DELETE) /{object-id}/likes OpenAPI
Get Likes (GET) /{object-id}/likes OpenAPI
Create Likes (POST) /{object-id}/likes OpenAPI
Update Likes (PUT) /{object-id}/likes OpenAPI
Delete Shared (DELETE) /{object-id}/sharedposts OpenAPI
Get Shared (GET) /{object-id}/sharedposts OpenAPI
Create Shared (POST) /{object-id}/sharedposts OpenAPI
Delete Native Offer (DELETE) offer OpenAPI
Native Native Offer (NATIVE) offer OpenAPI
Update Native Offer (PUT) offer OpenAPI
Delete Open Graph Action Type (DELETE) /{open-graph-action-type-id} OpenAPI
Get Open Graph Action Type (GET) /{open-graph-action-type-id} OpenAPI
Update Open Graph Action Type (PUT) /{open-graph-action-type-id} OpenAPI
Delete Open Graph Context (DELETE) /{open-graph-context-id} OpenAPI
Get Open Graph Context (GET) /{open-graph-context-id} OpenAPI
Update Open Graph Context (PUT) /{open-graph-context-id} OpenAPI
Delete Open Graph Object Type (DELETE) /{open-graph-object-type-id} OpenAPI
Get Open Graph Object Type (GET) /{open-graph-object-type-id} OpenAPI
Update Open Graph Object Type (PUT) /{open-graph-object-type-id} OpenAPI
Delete Page Admin Note (DELETE) /{page-admin-note-id} OpenAPI
Get Page Admin Note (GET) /{page-admin-note-id} OpenAPI
Update Page Admin Note (PUT) /{page-admin-note-id} OpenAPI
Delete Page Call To Action (DELETE) /{page-call-to-action-id} OpenAPI
Get Page Call To Action (GET) /{page-call-to-action-id} OpenAPI
Update Page Call To Action (PUT) /{page-call-to-action-id} OpenAPI
Delete Page Label (DELETE) /{page-label-id} OpenAPI
Get Page Label (GET) /{page-label-id} OpenAPI
Update Page Label (PUT) /{page-label-id} OpenAPI
Delete Pages Platform Component Flow Service Config (DELETE) /{pages-platform-component-flow-service-config-id} OpenAPI
Get Pages Platform Component Flow Service Config (GET) /{pages-platform-component-flow-service-config-id} OpenAPI
Update Pages Platform Component Flow Service Config (PUT) /{pages-platform-component-flow-service-config-id} OpenAPI
Delete Payment (DELETE) /{payment-id} OpenAPI
Delete Dispute (DELETE) /{payment-id}/dispute OpenAPI
Create Dispute (POST) /{payment-id}/dispute OpenAPI
Get Payment (GET) /{payment-id} OpenAPI
Create Payment (POST) /{payment-id} OpenAPI
Update Payment (PUT) /{payment-id} OpenAPI
Delete Refunds (DELETE) /{payment-id}/refunds OpenAPI
Create Refunds (POST) /{payment-id}/refunds OpenAPI
Delete Place (DELETE) /{place-id} OpenAPI
Get Place (GET) /{place-id} OpenAPI
Update Place (PUT) /{place-id} OpenAPI
Delete Place Tag (DELETE) /{place-tag-id} OpenAPI
Get Place Tag (GET) /{place-tag-id} OpenAPI
Update Place Tag (PUT) /{place-tag-id} OpenAPI
Delete Place Topic (DELETE) /{place-topic-id} OpenAPI
Get Place Topic (GET) /{place-topic-id} OpenAPI
Update Place Topic (PUT) /{place-topic-id} OpenAPI
Delete Attachments (DELETE) /{post-id}/attachments OpenAPI
Get Attachments (GET) /{post-id}/attachments OpenAPI
Create Attachments (POST) /{post-id}/attachments OpenAPI
Update Attachments (PUT) /{post-id}/attachments OpenAPI
Delete Post (DELETE) /{post-id} OpenAPI
Get Post (GET) /{post-id} OpenAPI
Create Post (POST) /{post-id} OpenAPI
Delete Promotion Info (DELETE) /{promotion-info-id} OpenAPI
Get Promotion Info (GET) /{promotion-info-id} OpenAPI
Update Promotion Info (PUT) /{promotion-info-id} OpenAPI
Delete Request (DELETE) /{request-id} OpenAPI
Get Request (GET) /{request-id} OpenAPI
Create Request (POST) /{request-id} OpenAPI
Update Request (PUT) /{request-id} OpenAPI
Delete Rtbdynamic Create (DELETE) /{rtb-dynamic-post-id} OpenAPI
Get Rtbdynamic Create (GET) /{rtb-dynamic-post-id} OpenAPI
Update Rtbdynamic Create (PUT) /{rtb-dynamic-post-id} OpenAPI
Delete Saved Message Response (DELETE) /{saved-message-response-id} OpenAPI
Get Saved Message Response (GET) /{saved-message-response-id} OpenAPI
Update Saved Message Response (PUT) /{saved-message-response-id} OpenAPI
Get Status (GET) /{status-id} OpenAPI
Create Status (POST) /{status-id} OpenAPI
Create Friends (POST) /{test-user-1}/friends/{test-user-2} OpenAPI
Delete Test User (DELETE) /{test-user-id} OpenAPI
Create Test User (POST) /{test-user-id} OpenAPI
Delete Thread (DELETE) /{thread-id} OpenAPI
Get Thread (GET) /{thread-id} OpenAPI
Create Thread (POST) /{thread-id} OpenAPI
Update Thread (PUT) /{thread-id} OpenAPI
Delete User Context (DELETE) /{user-context-id} OpenAPI
Get User Context (GET) /{user-context-id} OpenAPI
Update User Context (PUT) /{user-context-id} OpenAPI
Delete User (DELETE) /{user-id} OpenAPI
Get User (GET) /{user-id} OpenAPI
Update User (PUT) /{user-id} OpenAPI
Delete Video Copyright (DELETE) /{video-copyright-id} OpenAPI
Get Video Copyright (GET) /{video-copyright-id} OpenAPI
Update Video Copyright (PUT) /{video-copyright-id} OpenAPI
Delete Video Copyright Rule (DELETE) /{video-copyright-rule-id} OpenAPI
Get Video Copyright Rule (GET) /{video-copyright-rule-id} OpenAPI
Update Video Copyright Rule (PUT) /{video-copyright-rule-id} OpenAPI
Delete Video List (DELETE) /{video-list-id} OpenAPI
Get Video List (GET) /{video-list-id} OpenAPI
Update Video List (PUT) /{video-list-id} OpenAPI
Delete Work Experience (DELETE) /{work-experience-id} OpenAPI
Get Work Experience (GET) /{work-experience-id} OpenAPI
Update Work Experience (PUT) /{work-experience-id} OpenAPI