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This is my work to define the APIs offered by Facebook. This work is all defined used an OpenAPI Spec, that is indexed using APIs.json. You can find an individual APIs.json index for each of the individual servies, as wel as a complete APIs.json for this entire collection.

While my intention with this is to eventually define a machine readable definition of all the Facebook that can be used at run-time, right now I only have the surface area designed, and now the schema. I am working to profile all the headers, parameters, and error responses next.

This project is all hosted on Github, and if you put to use and improve on any of the definitions, please make sure and contribute back so everyone can benefit from the contributions. Ideally AWS would maintain this, but until that happens, we all need to step up and make sure these valuable serices are defined in a machined readable way.

Facebook (The APIs.json Index)

Facebook is an online social networking service that allows its users to connect with friends and family as well as make new connections. It provides its users with the ability to create a profile, update information, add images, send friend requests, and accept requests from other users. Its features include status update, photo tagging and sharing, and more.

API Paths Group by Definition (The OpenAPI Spec)


  • Delete Achievement (DELETE) - /v2.9/{achievement-id}
  • Get Achievement (GET) - /v2.9/{achievement-id}
  • Create Achievement (POST) - /v2.9/{achievement-id}

Achievement Type

  • Get Achievement Type (GET) - /v2.9/{achievement-type-id}
  • Create Achievement Type (POST) - /v2.9/{achievement-type-id}
  • Update Achievement Type (PUT) - /v2.9/{achievement-type-id}


  • Delete Admins (DELETE) - /v2.9/{group-id}/admins
  • Create Admins (POST) - /v2.9/{group-id}/admins


  • Delete Album (DELETE) - /v2.9/{album-id}
  • Get Album (GET) - /v2.9/{album-id}
  • Create Album (POST) - /v2.9/{album-id}
  • Update Album (PUT) - /v2.9/{album-id}


  • Delete Albums (DELETE) - /v2.9/me/albums
  • Create Albums (POST) - /v2.9/me/albums
  • Update Albums (PUT) - /v2.9/me/albums
  • Get Albums (GET) - /v2.9/{group-id}/albums

App Link Host

  • Delete App Link Host (DELETE) - /v2.9/{app-link-host-id}
  • Get App Link Host (GET) - /v2.9/{app-link-host-id}
  • Update App Link Host (PUT) - /v2.9/{app-link-host-id}

App Request

  • Delete App Request (DELETE) - /v2.9/{app-request-id}
  • Get App Request (GET) - /v2.9/{app-request-id}
  • Update App Request (PUT) - /v2.9/{app-request-id}